Farmers, pastoralists, grazing rights, and conflict resolution

Grazing rights is an issue of wide significance in sub-Saharan Africa. It is of concern within Dadamac Foundation through John Dada's work on the ground in Kaduna State.

When Dadamac Foundation has more resources (volunteers or money) we will look at this issue in more detail, share the local unfolding story and relate it to the wider problem. For now the best we can do is offer some existing links and background information.

  • John Dada'a involvement came when he was asked to help following the Manchok Massacre in March 2014
  • This follow up post puts the grazing right issue into perspective along with local positive action  The breakdown of mutual dependance
  • Local radio has been utiliised see Fantsum Foundation and Community Radio Programme
  • Note in tablove link that thanks to Kabissa we have a space where it is possible for various people to offer related content
  • This article relating to Tanzania gives a useful intorduction to the wider problem - Farmers, pastoralists conflicts: Where have we failed? By Daniel Sember
  • Chief Gbade Adejumo (a friend of mine and of John) has recently completed a Masters Degree on this topic at Ibadan University, with the farmers and pastoralists in Ago-Are as his case study, and would bring an additional useful perspective.
  • We already have other contacts in Cameroon, USA, Nigeria and elsewhere who could usefully contribute to share what they know and learn from each other, and others contributors would be welcome too.

We don't have the resources to set up and nurture a group around this issue at present, but if it interests you and you'd like to take part when it does get started, or you would like to help get it started, please contact us.