Our work is driven by local issues and needs. Our emphasis is on making visible the unfolding stories of these issues, so they can be tackled more effectively. We work with local changemakers and through Dadamac Foundation Information Agents who help the changemakers to share their realities, challenges and opportunities. We share what we learn so that it becomes easier for more people (as individuals or within organisations) to play a part in making a difference.

Given the long history of the Dadamac network's involvement with Fantsuam Foundation there are many examples related to Fantsuam Foundation in the archives.

We work closely with Kabissa - space for change in Africa and anticipate that in future we will be making more use of the Kabissa Forum to tell unfolding stories of initiatives, and to "rub minds" in special interest groups. There is a special category for Dadamac in the Kabissa Forum -

We will gradually add more details and links to specific projects (we would appreciate a volunteer to help us with this work).

Farmers, pastoralists, grazing rights, and conflict resolution

Grazing rights is an issue of wide significance in sub-Saharan Africa. It is of concern within Dadamac Foundation through John Dada's work on the ground in Kaduna State.

When Dadamac Foundation has more resources (volunteers or money) we will look at this issue in more detail, share the local unfolding story and relate it to the wider problem. For now the best we can do is offer some existing links and background information.