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News from rural Nigeria

I’m always delighted  by the quality of the information exchange brought to us each week by our UK to rural Nigeria contact - and by the doses of reality they convey.

That fascinating tradition continued with the latest hour-long typed meeting on Skype (a platform which requires less bandwidth) where, among other items, we discussed three main topics:

HIV/AIDS and Drug Misuse

Internally Displaced Persons and

Computer-Based Testing (CBT)


Computer based testing in rural Nigeria

Following Tuesday's UK-Nigeria Meeting (held weekly since 2008) Filo Boko emailed us this morning with additional information to help clarify the current issues with regards to computer based examinations  (ie realities on the ground!).

"This year 2015, the JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) commenced 100% CBT, Computer Based Test mode of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Nigeria.

#dadamac 2015 - continuing online and Kabissa

Following our event in London on January 10th we're moving to the Internet.

We're  working with Kabissa to provide a space where we can update each other, "rub minds", and move things on. There are useful links fruther down this page.

Please explore the space and join in (you'll need to sign in to contribute).

Getting started

If you are new to Kabissa these notes may help you to get started.

Irin - The invisible lesson of Invisible Children - and Dadamac approach

Dadamac is on a mission to close the communication gap between Changemakers in Africa and people who have a heart to support their endeavours. Sometimes it is hard to explain why this matters. Irin's coverage of Invisible Children gives some insights, so I've quoted part of the text below. The quote is in italics. I've put in bold the bits that are relevant to the problem that Dadamac Foundation is trying to address.