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Power Struggle

Access to the internet is still an issue in rural areas of Kaduna state. Despite various challenges, Filo was able to join me online this week in a typed Skype meeting on behalf of Fantsuam Foundation.

However, the bandwidth could sadly not sustain a group chat, so we held an individual one in which Pamela McLean and myself shared my tablet to communicate with Filo.

Connectivity, mobiles and laptops!

It’s impressive that John Dada has been able to attend the weekly Dadamac UK-Nigeria meetings for so many years now. Most of us here in the UK take our connectivity as a given and it is only when there is a problem with the service provider we realise how we take our usually reliable connectivity for granted.

From Cactus to Biogas to Food!

Dadamac have admired Graham Knight’s work for many years so, after Pam and I exchanged emails and phone calls with him, I was delighted to meet Graham in person for the first time at Dadamac’s January event at Hub Westminster.

(For those who attended the event but didn’t get the opportunity to speak with Graham, he was the chap with the mini cactus!)

Join #Dadamac at #Kabissa Forum

One of our ongoing challenges is finding ways for our changemakers and wider community to connect easily with others online. Kabissa (Space for Change in Africa)  is providing a possible solution through its new online portal, Kabissa Forum. Dadamac Foundation is  excited to have the opportunity to be part of this stage of Kabissa's history. In this post I'll share  where I hope we're heading and where we are now.