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Fantsuam Wireless Network Mesh

The following report was supplied by John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation to Dadamac for our weekly UK - Nigeria online meeting.

For rural community development       

The Open Technology Institute has approved a grant for Fantsuam Foundation to set up a wireless mesh network, that will enable FF provide wireless connectivity to five participating communities.

Dadamac Foundation and ICT4D in 100 words

ICT4D  = Information and Communication Technology for Development.

ICT is like a ‘three-legged stool” = if no leg is wobbly it stands firm on rough ground.

Effective ICT4D needs more than “the technology”.

T  = Technology = Tools for Talking to each other (if we know how, and they are affordable, within reach and working properly).

I = Information we share through ICT (our Interests and Initiatives).

Strategy for Dadamac Foundation 2015 in 100 words

  • Explain we’ve been developing “Dadamac style” teamwork - which  involves  people in the UK and people in Africa and it can only happen because of the ways we use the Internet.
  • Share what Nikki Fishman and Pamela McLean have learned by helping John Dada, the team at Fantsuam Foundation, and others who are doing good work in Africa.
  • Explain that work to date is like a working prototype, and we want to replicate it, but need additional people and financial resources.