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Maize Farming in rural Nigeria


Below is an extract from John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation talking taken from our January 5th 2016 UK-Nigeria weekly meeting.


"Our first activity this week is the aggregation of maize from our maize farmers in order to link them to markets without them having to depend on middlemen.

This morning a team of 4 staff are already in the field working with farmers who wish to sell their maize.

Testimonial for Dadamac Foundation

John Dada 'speaking' during the weekly UK-Nigeria typed  online meeting 5th January 2016:


"Nikki’s return was transformative in terms of Fantsuam Foundation’s global visibility. Her blogs have been a major help for almost all the funding proposals I wrote."


Demonstrating the need and importance of telling the stories of the Changemakers.

The Power in your story

In a broken world, with broken systems, amidst broken hopes ...


are you the answer?


Every day, changemakers across the world mend broken hopes. They repair shattered systems and support their communities to help them flourish - often in incredibly difficult circumstances.