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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - Fantsuam Foundation

The latest weekly UK-Nigeria online meeting, as is so often the case, brought some wonderful updates from rual Nigeria and also from Sierra Leonne!

John Dada from Nigeria was unable to come online but sent me a WhatApps message to share his feedback. He thought that his poor connectivity may well be affected by the heavy rains Kafanchan was experiencing. As he said:

Maize Farming in rural Nigeria


Below is an extract from John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation talking taken from our January 5th 2016 UK-Nigeria weekly meeting.


"Our first activity this week is the aggregation of maize from our maize farmers in order to link them to markets without them having to depend on middlemen.

This morning a team of 4 staff are already in the field working with farmers who wish to sell their maize.

Fantsuam Wireless Network Mesh

The following report was supplied by John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation to Dadamac for our weekly UK - Nigeria online meeting.

For rural community development       

The Open Technology Institute has approved a grant for Fantsuam Foundation to set up a wireless mesh network, that will enable FF provide wireless connectivity to five participating communities.