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The latest weekly UK-Nigeria online meeting, as is so often the case, brought some wonderful updates from rual Nigeria and also from Sierra Leonne!

John Dada from Nigeria was unable to come online but sent me a WhatApps message to share his feedback. He thought that his poor connectivity may well be affected by the heavy rains Kafanchan was experiencing. As he said:

"Hi Nikki, I left my office in search of a spot where I can get even a slow connectivity but so far no luck with any of my usual spots. The rains have been very heavy and prolonged over the last 2 days and may have disrupted connections. I really need to get online to give you an update of yesterday's event when we marked the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day"

However, John was able to send me via WhatApps wonderful photos of the Fantsuam Foundation #WEAAD day event and the following narrative.

Below are the photos and accompanying narratives:

"Participants at Fantsuam Foundation's World Elder Abuse Awareness Day"

"Elder Sarah makes a point about youth drugs addiction leading to more Elder abuse. She does not mince her words about the deprivation od old age."

"Issues of abuse raised at the Fantsuam WEAAD 2016 include: hunger and malnutrition, poor housing, forced road taxation, medical bills, physical and emotional abuse especially by youth drug addicts, lack of a social pension."

This photo demonstrates the intergenerational linkage at the Fantsuam #WEAAD16 event.

John went on to inform us that: "The elders want the Kaduna State Commissioner for Development to take two messages to her counterpart in the Federal Government

1. To support the establishment of a National Commission for Older People in the Presidency

2. To get the Nigerian Permanent Mission in the UN to ensure that the 7th OEWGA agenda is designed to discuss the content of a new Convention on older people."

This information was brought to you freely by Dadamac Foundation:

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Changemaker: John Dada   Information Agent: Nikki Fishman