Developing Policy for Older People in Nigeria

This week's UK-Nigeria online meeting was its typical atypical self!

John Dada from Fantsuam Foundation was actually in Abuja and was a Keynote speaker .

I sent my apologies as I was in London meeting with DadaMac's newest Trustee Dil Green as we discussed strategy and development of our new website.

So it was my Co-Founder Pamela McLean who come online to host the meeting. Because we use a typed Skype meeting I had been able to set up the meeting space before catching my train and was able to add my input for the week. John had also been in contact with me via email to say he was in Abuja and was unlike to participate during our usual hour. However, John did find time to send me some WhatApps photos and narratives. He was also able to share via the Skype meeting later day his PowerPoint presentation with us all.

Office presentation iconJD ppt1 June 2016 Kakas.ppt

Office presentation iconJD ppt1 June 2016 Kakas.ppt