New Ethiopian Changemaker

Stella Headley attended our Dadamac event in January and it was wonderful to see her realise that she is not alone and there is a determined, albeit currently small group of Changemakers who are offering peer-to-peer support.  Dr Elfneh Bariso from AHEAD is an amazing and experienced Ethiopian Changemaker so it was good to see the start of a connection being made.

Please do consider supporting Stella's work, if unable to to donate please do share this link with others in your network.

You can see Stella in the video of the Dadamac January event

The photo below shows the digging of the foundations for the Shakiso Hostel for girls in Ethiopia that Elfneh has now successfuly built.

"Sistah Outlets is a registered  not for profit community interest company.   We are  raising funds to enable continuous Support for Shashamene Youth Creation in Ethiopia. Young people use Arts, Crafts, Agriculture as empowerment tools for greater life chances. 

I am asking if you would share the link below with your networks and if you are unable to donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page, then just words of encouragement on the page, will, I am sure,  help make it happen: Thanks for your support and most importantly, THANK YOU FOR SHARING to your networks.    PS. I'd like to share also.   With JustGiving Crowdfunding anyone can raise money to fund their own project - anything from setting up a foodbank, to buying a wheelchair for a relative or even saving a local football club. Want to raise money to make good things happen? Start your Crowdfunding Page today, its pretty straight forward.       Sis Stella Headley "