Maize Farming in rural Nigeria

Dadamac Changemakers


Below is an extract from John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation talking taken from our January 5th 2016 UK-Nigeria weekly meeting.


"Our first activity this week is the aggregation of maize from our maize farmers in order to link them to markets without them having to depend on middlemen.

This morning a team of 4 staff are already in the field working with farmers who wish to sell their maize.

We have made arrangements for safe storage of grains for farmers who are not yet ready to see their grains. They pay a token fee for the storage. They can keep the grains until they are ready to sell.

We have engaged volunteers in the communities to work with the small holder farmers and aggregate their maize before we arrange to truck the maize to a warehouse we have rented for the purpose.

Looks like this year will be a busy one for Fantsuam Foundation’s agricultural activities.

We have links with industrial users of the maize: producers of cereal foods, animal feeds etc. We negotiate price with the industries and make trucking arrangement to deliver to their factories. These are fairly long distance journeys in the south.

Fast Tractor will hopefully start being fully engaged in a World bank sponsored project which Fantsuam is involved in.

The Fantsuam farmers cooperative along with 3 other cooperatives, with total membership of 48 have applied and been offered a grant by the World bank for rice farming. The Fast Tractor will be busy working on these farms for most of the year. We expect its maintenance cost to be fully covered."