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 John Dada and his team have a long history of supporting the elderly in a rural area where there is very little provision as evidenced by my previous blogs



Fantsuam Foundation Celebrates



07TH Nov 2015, Jema’a LG, KAFANCHAN

The 2015 International Day for Older Persons was celebrated in Kafanchan on 07th November in the premises of the Jema’a Local Government, Kaduna State. The event was attended by 96 people.



Senior Citizen Murna Ojekwu addresses the audience          Senior Citizens at the International Day


The Guest of Honour, His Excellency, Mallam Nasir Ahmad El Rufai, Executive Governor, Kaduna State, ably represented by Honorable Commissioner, Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajiya Rabi M.G. Abdulsalam. Three Royal Fathers, the Emir of Jema’a Tum Nikyop and Agwam Fantsuam were in attendance along with 96 other people. The event was covered by Kaduna State Radio and Television.

Hajara Umar, an 80-year-old participant expressed the general feeling of the others who were present, she said: “Allah ya sa gwamnatin El Rufai su gama lafiya, su kuma taimake Fantsuam don su taimaki tsofofi”, and Murna Ojekwu re-emphasized that ‘Each year when Fantsuam brings us together, it makes us feel we have not been forgotten and that we are still recognized and respected”

Fantsuam Foundation CEO, Kazanka Comfort, who opened the program observed that this was the first time the Kaduna State Government will show such keen support for the organization’s services to older persons. She also observed that Fantsuam Foundation has been the only organization in Kaduna State that consistently observed the International Day of Older Persons for the past 5 years.

Hajiya Rabi ,Commissioner for Women Affairs with Kazanka Comfort, CEO, Fantsuam Foundation arrive ADA 2015


Pa Odemo submitted the following requests to the Government for implementation at various tiers.



  • Free Medical and Home-based Care

  • Free Physical and Legal Protection (especially from witchcraft accusations)

  • Monthly stipend

  • Support for Housing


  1. NATIONAL LEVEL. Kaduna State Government to follow up the request sent to Federal Government in 2014 for the establishment of a National Commission for Older Persons under the Presidency in order to promote a more inclusive governance that recognizes all older persons

  2. INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. Kaduna State Government should add its voice to ensure that the Nigerian delegation to New York will continue to supports  change of the format of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG) during the UN General Assembly .

The Honorable Commissioner accepted these requests and said the Kaduna State Government is fully committed to the theme of this year’s International Day of Older Persons which says “Leaving No One Behind: Promoting a Society for All”. In addition to assuring all the older persons that she will ensure that Governor El Rufa’i is informed of their requests, she made a personal donation of N500,000 to Fantsuam Foundation for the care of the older persons. On behalf of the Kaduna State Government, Hajiya Rabi Abdulsalaam assured the audience that all pensions will be paid up to date and Primary Health Care will be provided in every ward and treatment for older persons will be free. These are in addition to refurbishing all the hospitals, providing free primary and secondary education hospitals. She promised that she will keep her doors open and will be happy to support any initiatives aimed at helping our Senior Citizens.



Pa Odemo submits request to Hajiya Rabi            Fantsuam Foundation provides Free Healthcare for Senior Citizens


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Changemaker: John Dada   Information Agent: Nikki Fishman