ESSPIN and Educational Emergency

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The information below was extracted from our weekly UK-Nigeria online meeting.

John Dada told us that activities at Fantsuam had been "a bit hectic" because it is this week they started the pre-university registration of students for the newly built computer based testing centre. John informed us they expect to register up to 500 students. This metric alone is stunning and shows what one individual changemaker can achieve with minimal formal support. For the full story please see my previous blog.

However, the week’s meeting really centered around John giving an update about the  local ESSPIN project.

John informed us:

“The new State Governor was so concerned about the state of education in the state [Kaduna] that he has declared an Education State of Emergency. His plans include both infrastructural development and capacity building. Fantsuam Foundation’s work with the schools continue, and one of the areas I want to highlight with the Government is the retraining of teachers.

As you know we are involved in supervision of 84 schools, helping them to set up School Based Management Committees, SBMCs.”

A School Based Management Committee is an inclusive team made up of representatives from the host community: its membership includes the children, parent, community leaders, women leader, youth leaders and artisans from the community. The SBMCs help to monitor the teachers and pupils and do some fundraising for basic repairs. Working with 84 schools easily translates to working with 840 teachers and 25,000 children.

ESSPIN works with several other NGOs who have also been allocated schools to supervise and they call regular update meetings for the network. The two ESSPIN officials we work with are Seyi and Hadiza, both very hard working people and they appreciate the way Fantsuam Foundation operates.

When Joyce came and we took her to meet some of the ESSPIN teachers, they were excited and asked how and when Fantsuam will get the Government to institutionalise the Continuing Professional Development training so that they can benefit from it".

This is a reference to another Dadamac Changemaker, Joyce Elemson who was introduced to John at the Dadamac event, sponsored by and held in the UK at Hub Westminster, in January  2015. Joyce spent a large part of her summer holidays visiting John and other schools in Nigeria delivering CPD for teachers.

John went on to say that following Boko Haram's activity:

“We have internally displaced children and teachers in our region and as you can imagine this has affected learning and teaching, leading to the spiral of declining educational standards. So the CPD will be a timely intervention which can easily fit into the successful SBMC model"

John went on to explain it is important for all stakeholders to recognise the potential of the SBMC model to incorporate teachers capacity building enabling a holistic approach to the educational challenges of Nigeria. John told us that it was important the State Governor understands that the SBMC work goes hand in hand with teachers capacity building, and this is where Fantsuam proposed Continuing Professional Development program for teachers can support the educational emergency.

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Changemaker: John Dada   Information Agent: Nikki Fishman