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The following report was supplied by John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation to Dadamac for our weekly UK - Nigeria online meeting.

For rural community development       

The Open Technology Institute has approved a grant for Fantsuam Foundation to set up a wireless mesh network, that will enable FF provide wireless connectivity to five participating communities.

Project activities include

  • Community mapping: identification of obstacles to line of sight, audit of potential locations for routers, obtain list of resources that can be deployed for the project
  • Dialogue sessions with community leaders and institutions to explain project and ensure full ownership and participation

  • Purchase and installation of mesh network equipment, and

  • Training of youths in network maintenance

We have done mapping of the likely sites and have also concluded the preliminary training for representatives from these communities (see photos).

We are now approaching the installation phase. The critical equipment have been ordered and most of them have arrived. Our vendor gets his supplies from the UK and the recent review of financial regulation for Nigerian banks has slowed down imports, somewhat.

On 1st of October, 2015, the Kaduna State Government declared a state of emergency in its educational activities. This official recognition of the dire straits of education in Kaduna State is a major achievement and it is in order to address some of the challenges, that we are working to use wireless network to provide access to relevant educational software for students and teachers in rural and remotely located communities. There is indeed a high the inadequacy of teaching and learning resources for teachers and students.

We have now obtained educational software for students’ interactive learning in Ordinary and Advanced Level of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economic, Literature in English, Offline Wikipedia, Accounting, Law, Philosophy and Sociology. We are also in discussion with a teacher-training expert on provision on modules on Continuing Professional Development, CPD, for our teachers as well.

So please watch this space as our Wireless mesh network unfolds.

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Changemaker: John Dada   Information Agent: Nikki Fishman