History of Dadamac Foundation in 100 words

Dadamac Matters

Early 2000s: John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation  (FF) and Pamela McLean (then of Oke-Ogun Community Development Agenda 2000+ ) started helping each other (hence the name “Dadamac”).

Late 2000s: Nikki Fishman joined Pamela in London, helping FF and incidentally creating the role “information agent”.

2009:  UK registered charity CAWD renamed Dadamac Foundation (no fundraiser or donors)

Early 2010s: Nikki and Pamela developed ways to help FF tell its ongoing stories, become visible online, access useful information and find peer-to-peer support. Other Changemakers in Africa sought similar support and “information agents”.

2015:  January event heralding Dadamac Foundation’s expansion to support additional changemakers.