Changemakers Club Strategy in 100 words

Dadamac Matters
  • Build on experience of Nikki Fishman telling the John Dada / Fantsuam Foundation Story.
  • Work face-to-face in UK (Croydon changemakers club) and work online via Kabissa forum and Dadamac website.
  • Find information agents to help tell the stories, and to find useful “external” information for changemakers.
  • Help  UK-based African changemakers in Africa tell their stories  - thus creating a collection of changemaker stories online.
  • Support more changemakers in Africa via the Internet (as in Dadamac UK-Nigeria meetings with Fantsuam Foundation team).
  • Make information on “what works and what doesn’t work” easily available via website.
  • Enable changemakers’ events and peer-to-peer online support group.