#ICAI #DFID #Dadamac and ESSPIN

Dadamac Matters

These are three perspectives on the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN). ESSPIN is both an education sector and governance intervention programme. It works alongside other DFID supported programmes -

DFID's perspective

DFID's information about  ESSPIN

ICAI's perspective

ICAI reports on the Department for International Development’s education programmes in Nigeria - ESSPIN and GEP

 Perspective close to the intended beneficiaries

Some Dadamac references to ESSPIN - mostly via Nikki's blogs

John then went onto explain that he had 12 staff attending various training events this week:

4 in Abuja for the International Volunteers Day4 in Zaria for the ESSPIN workshop4 attending ICAP training on Home based care in Kafanchan

This led John to comment that at some stage FF will need a Human Resource Manager to coordinate the various trainings etc. This is because John says that FF gets invited to so many events and he is not sure how best to streamline them to ensure FF’s work does not suffer while so many staff attend them.

Wider context

This follows a previous "Dadamac Matters" post #ICAI report #DFID and Dadamac - shared concerns on delivering impact and illustrates some of the issues raised there.