Teachers Talking!

We were excited during this week’s UK-Nigeria Skype meeting when John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation asked to share what he introduced as some “Breaking News”.

He went on to tell us: “Teachers Talking may have evolved into the Continuing Professional Development, CPD Project.

“Joyce Elemson, the Dadamac contact who attended the last Hub event has been offering CPD training during her summer travels to Nigeria. This year she was invited to Abuja and Kaduna and asked if we were interested in Kafanchan.

“Before I knew it, one of the schools in Kafanchan, where Frances’ children attend, had asked to host her visit to the town.

“HeadStart is one of the good schools in Kafanchan and we have 4 of our kids there. So Joyce will be introducing CPD to 50 teachers when she comes to Kafanchan.

Teachers Talking has come a long way! In fact I have a meeting with the Head Teacher of HeadStart this week to firm up arrangements for Joyce’s session with them. The date Joyce  has for Kafanchan is 14th July, after which she goes on to meet more teachers in Abuja.”

This news marks a welcome development and I look forward to hearing more from John over the next week and, of course, from Joyce on her return to the UK.

John’s information builds on the earlier work he and Pam accomplished with the Teachers Talking Project. This initiative is a good early example of how use of the internet can empower change at grassroots levels. One of my first conversations with Pam, back in 2008, was when I asked her to explain how on earth she could run a ‘No Computer Computer Course’ in rural Nigeria. (She had - and it proved very successful!)

John’s introduction to Joyce also served as additional confirmation of the importance of bringing Changemakers together, since they met at the Dadamac event at Hub Westminster last January. Some of the email exchanges which led to this practical collaboration can be seen on the Dadamac forum space, which has kindly been provided by Kabissa. The continuing CPD debate will also appear on the forum, where everyone is welcome to join in!

One of the important services Dadamac Foundation provides is to make visible the work and knowledge of individual Changemakers such as John and Joyce.

We now hope to do this increasingly by providing these and other Dadamac Changemakers with their own information agents. This is the role I am currently fulfilling for John by telling the story of his work at Fantsuam Foundation. Validation of the importance of this was also reiterated by John this week when he typed: “Nikki, the blog you did on ESSPIN caught the attention of ESSPIN UK. They sent kudos to ESSPIN Nigeria and Fantsuam’s effort got a real boost last week.”

Since 2008 Dadamac in the UK has been endeavouring to boost the visibility of John’s work and to tell a small part of his integrated development story as evidenced by previous blogs on Dadamac.net.

Both Pam and myself, together with the newly appointed Advisory Council, are now looking to scale up and replicate this service for other Changemakers. We are always looking for others who can help us to use the internet to do do this more effectively. We have the expertise and experience of over ten years now and feel we just need additional manpower and the necessary resources to help us achieve this.

Photo of No Computer Course