Dadamac: Impact and Metrics

Issues Arising


At this week's UK-Nigeria meeting I asked John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation if he could kindly send me a few sentences about what impact Dadamac has had, below is John's response.

"When visitors come into my office on Wednesdays at about 10.00am and I inform them that I am in an online meeting with our friends in the UK, I can usually see the incredulity in their face until they actually see snippets of the Dadamac meetings. The environmental context of our work (poor connectivity, lack of grid power, poor roads, and infrastructure) would not normally support the range of services we provide to our communities; this provides for us, a measure of the impact of the Dadamac/FF partnership.  

Dadamac serves as a sounding board for our new ideas, and a ready source of critical information and suggestions. We were recently spared being victims of a fake London-based organization because of Dadamac’s timely intervention through a quick sharing of our concerns with members of the Kabissa Forum.  When we were at a high risk of losing our chance to purchase a Government-subsidized tractor, Dadamac took up the challenge to raise the balance of money needed for the Fast Tractor.

This has indeed been a most rewarding partnership that shows the critical value of timely and relevant exchange of information for a rural-based development organization like Fantsuam Foundation. Fantsuam Foundation operates an integrated model of development for its poverty eradication remit which the uninformed found rather daunting. Dadamac was the first partner that would understand the value of this approach and provided the encouragement and endorsement Fantsuam needed. Interestingly, the integrated approach rather than the silo approach, now seems to be a gold standard in international development circles. To have sustained this relationship across so many thousands of miles, over unstable connectivity channels, on such a regular basis and over such a period of time says a lot about Dadamac and Fantsuam Foundation and the individuals whose vision has driven and sustained this feat."