Links for Silicon Triangle

This post is a collection of links I said I would share with people who were at the Silicon Triangle Meetup yesterday. I'm not explaining why they are all included, other than they were part of a wide ranging follow up discussion.

The 3 minute video of Dadamac's January event - #dadamac2015

Full keynote -  Tim Unwin’s keynote address video

The full answer to the question about funding - Dadamac to date has been mainly self funded by the people involved. Our 2015 work is aiming to take it to a new, properly funded level. I'm a member at Hub Westminster and venue was kindly given to us free of charge. I'm a member of RSA and the London region had helped to promote the event through the London network, and helped with the handouts. The "Commonwealth" reference was to an RSA member working for a Commonwealth organisation who made suggestions about a Commonwealth fund that might be relevant at some point.

John Dada and connectivity at Fantsuam - video

New website for Dadamac Foundation  launched for our 2015 effort to move our work to the next level by reaching out to more people to connect, communicate and collaborate with Dadamac.

We'll be announcing meetups at Dadamac Meetup - we plan to meet regularly on the last Thursday of the month in central London

We also have an "online meeting place" at Kabissa forum - Kabissa forum - Dadamac

Dadamac Network webspace from whence Dadamac Foundation emerged - - we started telling John's story there - see especially blogs by Nikki and Frances.

Blog about developing better technology together - Pam - we want street lights!

Peter - who got me into all this - Peter Adetunji Oyawale

Crowd sourced book by hackofalltrades - Anarchists in the Boardroom - the crowd sourcing - the book

Transition towns and eco-farming etc - Attachab eco-village

My  blog about the disconnect between top-down intiatives and the work of local changemakers - It's time to end this development disconnect

Any ones I forgot please ask for them via the contact form