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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - Fantsuam Foundation

The latest weekly UK-Nigeria online meeting, as is so often the case, brought some wonderful updates from rual Nigeria and also from Sierra Leonne!

John Dada from Nigeria was unable to come online but sent me a WhatApps message to share his feedback. He thought that his poor connectivity may well be affected by the heavy rains Kafanchan was experiencing. As he said:

Changemaker Julliet Makhapila & Al Jazeera

Julliet Makhapila is a UK- Kenyan Dadamac Changemaker who works tirelessly for the causes she believes in. One of the challenges Julliet and Dadamac are working on together is how to make her 50+ projects visible.

Julliet was recently invited to the Oxford Student Union to poise a question to the former Kenyan president.

New Ethiopian Changemaker

Stella Headley attended our Dadamac event in January and it was wonderful to see her realise that she is not alone and there is a determined, albeit currently small group of Changemakers who are offering peer-to-peer support.  Dr Elfneh Bariso from AHEAD is an amazing and experienced Ethiopian Changemaker so it was good to see the start of a connection being made.